What I Have Learned About Google Ads


What I Have Learned About Google Ads

What I have learned about Google Ads is that you need to be prepared to analyse everything you do, everything! My name is Tom Leung and during my three-month internship at Efficient Media, this is the most important thing I discovered. Digital marketing not only requires completing tasks but critical analytics as well to ensure our ads are reaching their fullest potential! When I think about the client’s budget they trust us to manage, it brings a great sense of responsibility. If set up and managed incorrectly, Google Ads can be extremely costly.

Testing changes in Google Ads let you understand whether the changes you make will help you reach your business goals. They can be tested by laying it out just like a scientific experiment.

Following? Great!


No one can know for sure what will work, we just have a hypothesis at the start and only the market can show us if the idea will be a successful one. We find out through testing and analyzing data. For example, you have a couple of ads and would like to test which one of these would perform the best. How would you conduct this experiment?


I first decide the variable which is the ads which you are testing and the control which are the keywords, devices and search or display network you are targeting that must remain the same for all our ads.

I then start the ads and when there is enough data, I like to chart the data using a bar and line graph so the results of our ads can easily be analyzed. Place the ads on the x-axis and clicks and CPC on the y-axis.

Now how do you benefit from all this? The answer is simple.

After running multiple ads at once we can now see which is performing better, pause under performers then add new ones to test again. This type of testing will help drive your CPC lower at the end of each test!

Test, Test, Test

This idea is actually built into google ads it’s self. Google Ads allows us to run and have multiple Ad Copies in a single Ad Group at once which it automatically tests which Ad Copy performs better and then shows that ad more frequently without us having to do any of the testings above!


The Ad Copy is only one aspect of an ad that it will automatically test for us. We need to follow the above experiment to optimise our ads with the many other aspects that it doesn’t automatically test for us.

Now, naturally there are countless things we can test, device, locations and time of day people view our ads the most, to name a couple. We need to focus on the high-value experiments first that will have the biggest impact on our business goal.

In my opinion, finding a great digital marketing agency is all about finding a team that is as enthusiastic as a writer in front of a typewriter ready to embark on a journey to test what makes the best campaigns for you!

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