How to Use Google Call Ads to Send Profits Soaring

How to Use Google Call Ads to Send Profits Soaring

Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash


Have you considered utilising Google Call Ads for your business?

Phone ringing off the hook? Sales coming in hot and heavy? 

It probably is more like your inbox is overflowing and leads are coming through in a variety of ways. 


If you have ever searched for a local business or service, you might have seen ads with the phone icon on them. call ads only appear on mobile devices, which makes sense, as the core end goal of these ads is to encourage immediate action – make the call!


Google call ads are a convenient way for customers to call your business meaning more leads and more conversions. Any business that’s looking to grab more phone calls over website visits should use call ads.


So, how useful are call ads and how can they send your profits soaring? 


What Are Google Call Ads?

Google Call ads are ads that only appear on mobile, and when clicked, call the number specified. The more common Google Ads campaigns would take you to a landing page on a website but call ads can only call a specific number.

The only time you’ll be charged for these ads is whenever someone makes a call.


How to Set Up a Call Ad

Call ads can be set up in minutes making it easy to get this campaign up and running. 

  1. Start by opening Google Ads and creating your new campaign.
  2. Set the goal to sales or leads.
  3. Select search as the campaign type.
  4. Under ‘Select the ways you’d like to reach your goal’, tick the box next to ‘Phone Calls’ and enter your phone number.
  5. Change your campaign settings – untick the Include Google search partners box and click show more settings and make sure you set your schedule to your office hours.
  6. Set your campaign target locations.
  7. Choose a budget.
  8. Create ad groups for your ads.
  9. Create your ad (this is probably the bit that takes the longest, our team have put together a handy checklist for you to follow) 
  • Verify your phone number.
  • Include a URL users can visit instead of calling.
  • Add the URL of a page on your site that includes your phone number. This allows Google to confirm the number.
  • Enter your business name.
  • Add two descriptive lines. 

That’s it, you should be ready to hit publish and launch your ad. 


Important tips to remember

  • Create a powerful call to action to capture attention.
  • Set a schedule so the ad only appears during your office hours. This will avoid frustrating potential customers and losing leads.

  • Drop the headline – recent market research discovered that call ads without a headline converted at a higher rate. Triple-check that your contact information is right and your ad should tick all the boxes.

  • Localise your ads – the majority of mobile searches for businesses are looking for something local or “(insert service) near me”. Make sure you use a local phone number and include your town or city. 


Benefits of Google call Ads for your bottom line

Google Call ads are one of the best ways to generate more calls for your business and if phone sales already contribute a big part of your revenue, call ads would be a massive bonus. 


We hope this helps you to create compelling call ads that help drive business and send profits soaring.


More information regarding Google Call Ads can be found here or contact us today to discuss integrating Google Call Ads into your ads.

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