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Looking for a local SEO agency to help grow your organic search appearance online? We employ the best talent in SEO, who operate in high detail to audit, analyse and identify key areas to improve your site from technical implementation, on-page optimisation, content ideation and calendar planning, writing user-centric optimised posts and building links to help boost results online.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process of using various techniques to increase the visibility of your website in search engines when people search for anything related to your business. It plays a vital role in bringing yourself onto the radar of your potential customers.

Being found in the SERPs can get your business more traffic, amplify your online presence, and drive more business.


Improve Your Search Engine Rankings on Google


By character SEO is both dynamic and complicated. Search engines update their algorithms continuously to fight spam and improve the quality of results, while competitors come and go or change their strategies over time. What works today does not guarantee success tomorrow.

When it comes to SEO, success takes years of effort, and today more than ever, a strict adherence to the available guidelines.


Our Approach

To help a business move beyond its current state, we use available data, market analysis and over 10+ years of experience in search marketing to understand current best practices and craft a unique strategy for your website for moving forward. Specifically, we focus on:

  1. Perform Keyword Research
  2. Understanding current site position
  3. Understanding the competitor landscape
  4. Conduct an SEO Audit / Review
  5. Provide a list of recommendations for implementation prioritised based on what will make the most impact


Being found up in the search engine can get your business more traffic, amplify your online presence, and increase your brand impact much more than you could possibly think.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research involves establishing what keywords Google associates with the site (where there is an existing site) and then expanding upon this list with relevant product or service terms, providing search volumes (local) and competition levels. The client will then be able to make a data supported decision on which keywords they’re going to invest in targeting for organic search.


Ranking Report

Upon completing the keyword research, we confirm with you an agreed target keyword list. A baseline ranking report can be run for the search engine(s) of the client’s choice. This is done as a one-off or periodically dependent on the needs of the business.


Competitor Research

To better understand who your business is competing with we Identify key online competitors for a given target keyword set (size limitations apply). Provide ranking and link comparison reports for up to 4 competitors which points out areas to improve based on their successes.


SEO Review

The review identifies any key on-site and on-page issues and provides recommendations. This ensures that the site is search engine friendly, meaning it can be crawled, indexed and understood by the search engines.


The below table details some of the core considerations that are covered:


SEO Consideration

1. Site Speed

2. Server Errors

3. URL Structure

4. Title Tags

5. Meta Description

6. Sitemaps

7. Header Tags

8. Hosting

9. Canonicalization (Duplicate Content)

10. Robots.txt

We provide a list of prioritised findings, the impact on SEO vs difficulty of implementation for each priority. We also include how to fix issues and implement certain requirements.


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