Facebook Advertising

Why advertise on Facebook?


Huge opportunity to attract new customers and engage existing ones!

  • Australia has a population of over 24 million, of which 17 million are on Facebook. That means some 70% of Australians are active on Facebook. With over 1.86 billion monthly active users and over 1.23 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide.
  • According to Sensis, Australians visit Facebook 32 times a week on average, and cumulatively spend just over half a day (12.5 hours) on Facebook during the week.
  • Increased leads and sales, conversions, brand awareness, website traffic, customer loyalty, quality engagements, search engine visibility etc.
    • Nielsen found that 60% of those who have discovered new information on Facebook go on to learn more, and 35% of those who have discovered a business or product on Facebook would share that with their friends.




  • Budget: set your own budget, and paid advertising is relatively cheap and cost-effective compared to other marketing tools
  • Goals: set your own goals and only pay for success
  • Audience: be very specific on audience targeting (e.g. by age, gender, location, by interest, devices, or past activities)
  • Timing: set when your ads are displayed
  • Information: access valuable audience data, audience behaviour and other insights to help you optimise your campaign
  • Ads: test variations of ad content and messaging to understand what works best for your audience




  • Chances are – your competition is on Facebook but they’re not making much ground through it. Up to 80% of Australian small businesses don’t employ paid advertising (Sensis 2016), which means that their social media marketing efforts are likely making little ground given the general decline of organic reach (the visibility of unsponsored posts) (see Contently or Financial Post). It literally pays off to employ paid advertising: ‘paid social is the only reliable means of building a targeted and effective audience for your brand on the major networks’ (Contently).
  • On the other hand, simply investing in paid advertising is no guarantee of success – indeed, Facebook advertising done poorly can not only waste your money but can also damage your business and brand.  In the end, you want strong results through cost-effective and efficiently run paid advertising, and that’s exactly what we’ll provide.  We’ll help you gain the edge over your competitors, and stand out to your customers, with our creative and technical expertise.



What’s the process?


  • Let’s have a (free) chat! Let’s talk about your business, your brand and message, your customers and target audience, your budget, your goals, your competitors and so on.
  • We will draw up a customised strategy, which uniquely suits your business, and help you create Facebook ads, which strongly appeal to your customers and motivate them to act.
  • We will help you manage and measure your campaign, continually monitoring its progress and finetuning its various parts to achieve the objectives you set.



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