SEM Structure


SEM Structure

The key to a good SEM account is ensuring the right settings are in place and that the account is structured in a way, which will enable marketers to optimise and give the account the best opportunity to perform. Laying the best foundations is critical to a campaigns success. Get this part wrong and it could cost you lots of money in overpriced clicks for the months and years to come.

In our experience a large number of small businesses who setup a paid search account from scratch might contain a large portion of the most relevant keywords, but they fall over when they are all added to one single campaign and ad group or even one campaign with several ad groups. The key to what works well is a more granular structure to the campaigns which allow for greater control over budgeting and investment in high performing areas, plus the opportunity to silo keyword buckets by theme which helps with relevance back to ad creative and also from a reporting perspective makes it much easier to understand what themes or groups worked well or not. Ad groups structure, similar to a campaign needs to be carefully planned and thought out to allow for granularity to help improve relevancy with ad copy and quality score.

An example of what a good SEM account should look like:


Leaving any of these elements jumbled in a mess can mean there is no clear indication of what works well, but more importantly will lead to poor quality score can lead to CPCs costing 50% more in some cases than if the campaign and ad group structure was done well from the get go. So while it might seem like a quick 5 minute setup to get an Adwords campaign live, it’s the extra few hours dedicated to structure which could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the end.

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