Responsive Search Ads – 3 Headlines in Google Ads!

Google Adwords is Google Ads

Responsive Search Ads – 3 Headlines in Google Ads!

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) has changed significantly over the course of the last decade moving from simple 1 headline and descriptions on various colour backgrounds to more detailed ads with extensions such as sitelinks, location extensions, ratings, phone numbers etc. Last year they removed the description line 1 and 2 to make room for 1 long description + a couple of headlines.

google ad shading labeling history update 2017

*Search Engine Lands Take on the history of Google ads

12 months on and Google are still refining and shaping the way we consume search results to improve relevancy. They have developed a new ad format which is currently in beta (speak to your local Google Ads representative to request your account to be whitelabelled) called Responsive Search Ads. Aiming to deliver more relevance in the search engine results page, offering more real estate and dynamically combining various headlines and descriptions into an ad.


As you can see from the backend, you can list more than 3 headlines and 2 descriptions enabling multiple combinations of ads to be split tested, making the process of ad copy testing more seemless than ever by allowing Google’s machine learning the opportunity to roll out variant upon variant to help come to a conclusion as to which combinations of text work best for your PPC campaign. Up to 15 headlines can be added to a responsive search ad and up to 4 descriptions.

Aside from the benefits of split testing and machine learning the ads also come with additional character lengths meaning you could get a leg up on the competition with 2 90 character limit descriptions (instead of 1 with 80 characters which currently exist).

For more information on the beta visit or with help with your ppc management contact the team at Efficient Media via [email protected].

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