Why Content Marketing?

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Why Content Marketing?

A common pitfall in content marketing is to churn out content solely for SEO purposes. While it’s easy to get sidetracked with placing too much focus on SEO and the benefits it can play in a Content Marketing Strategy, it’s important not to forget the reason why your investing in it in the first place – to market your business and drive sales.

While we recommend posting 2-3 posts a week, the key is to ensure that the content you do create and share has value. If it doesn’t, you’re better off not posting and putting your effort elsewhere.

As a new product, the excitement is high. During this time it’s important to create the right internal business habits to ensure you continue to create content, even as your business ebbs through peaks and valleys. The more disciplined you become now, the easier it will be to maintain the content creation process.

Search Query’s

Most great content marketing strategies start with a good understanding of what your audience/customer wants. An ideal way to do this, outside of asking them, is to review and analyse the search terms people use when looking for your product or service. Looking at the keyword research for the local and global market, we are able to spot a range of different combinations that potential customers use to search for essentially the same topic.

While these keywords are great for SEO (and variations can used across the new site), they don’t necessarily make for great content ideas. Today search engines are pretty good at matching content to plurals, synonyms and other close phrases so there’s little need to create specific content for every keyword variation.

Content Ideation

Based on the keyword research we have a number of topics to run with. But we will need some structure towards  the type of content we share. Keeping your content interesting is critical and by using a variety of content structures you can keep things fresh. Things like interviews, top 10 lists, how to articles and videos can help prevent your content from becoming boring. Once you have identified a few key ways and areas to focus on and then setup a content calendar to post in regular intervals. Depending on the size of your website this could be once a month, once a week or 2-3 times per week.

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