Remiko Wong


Remiko Wong

Head of PR and Communications

What Did You Do Before Joining Efficient Media?

Before joining EM, I had just taken a year and a half off to spend time with my kid. For the ten years prior to that I worked in Digital Ad Operations and in Account Management.


What Do You Do At Efficient Media?

I look after EM’s marketing efforts and ensure our team culture is consistently reflective of our brand values and integrity.


What Song or Lyric Best Describes Your Work Ethic?

“Work hard, play hard” ~Wiz Khalifa


What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

What spare time? Haha. You mean the time when my son naps? I like to catch up on trashy US TV shows and drink bucket-loads of coffee.


What Would The Title of Your Autobiography Be?

I Wish my Wallet Came with Free Refills.


What Is Your Favourite Quote?

‘Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.’- Charles Bukowski.


Who is Your Celebrity or Favourite Person Crush?

This changes almost on a weekly basis but my celebrity crush right now is Chris Woods. Last week, it was Ryan Reynolds, the week before was Channing Tatum. Who knows who next week’s will be?