Excel Hack: Getting down with Supermetrics

Excel Hack: Getting down with Supermetrics

Supermetrics excel automation 1

Last time we talked about improving efficiency with speed and clarity for managing the media spend for multiple clients.

In our 2nd top 3 tips we mentioned a third party tool called Supermetrics. We decided to explore this tool with their 30 day trial to help automate our regular exporting of reports from platforms such as Google, Bing and Facebook and also allow for quick changes to the queries.

As an example, one of our ad-hoc reports for a YouTube campaign would take us 1 hour to complete, after rebuilding the report with Supermetric (SM) Functions we cut that time down to 20 minutes. Combined with the other numerous reports we have, SM has saved us many hours each week. We bought a year subscription of SM Functions which allows us to continue to use our own excel reports with their VBA code added in so we can quickly fetch data from the many platforms we use. Below is an example of our YouTube report’s front end and back end formula tab. Which can be easily updated by changing values in the formula tab.

Supermetrics Excel Automation 2Supermetrics Excel Automation 3


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