Get Ahead In 2018! – AdWords Workshop

Get Ahead In 2018! – AdWords Workshop

The success of any AdWords campaign begins with our knowledge of AdWords and an understanding of how to use Google’s tools appropriately. Tim Paris, Founder of Efficient Media gives us his opinion on where we should all begin our Adwords Keyword Research.


Video Transcription

On the 9th of November I’ll be taking you through all things AdWords. We will be looking at three key things one is how PPC works. We will be looking at things like bidding, keywords and ad copy. Secondly, is looking at how to set up a campaign, creating a structure that’s optimal and set yourself up for success and lastly, we’ll be looking at what it is that you need to do to optimize your campaigns. The first thing is to obviously get traffic but then from there how do we drive more business how do we get your campaigns working and generating the most effective ROI. I look forward to seeing you all on the 9th.

Workshop Details

If you want to get your business ahead in 2018, start now and join our AdWords workshop on 9th November to get yourself up and running with Adwords PPC marketing!

Over the course of evening Tim will be guiding us through:

– How PPC marketing works
– How to setup & manage a campaign
– How to measure & optimise our campaigns

During this training seminar, everyone will walk away having learned:

– How bidding costs work
– Comprehensive Keyword Research for your site.
– How to plan a campaign
– Ad groups
– Scheduling
– Monitoring
– Understanding – Max Bid, Max Spend & Acquisition Cost
– How to launch Campaign
– Expectations

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Location: Aeona, 1-9 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

You can Register Here:

For more information on our services in PPC management contact us today on (02) 8007 5774 or via [email protected]

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