Timothy Paris


Timothy Paris

Managing Director, Founder

What Did You Do Before Joining Efficient Media?

I completed a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Advertising. I worked casual gigs at Kmart and NAB before making my way into digital marketing. After 7 years of working advertising agencies, both big and boutique, I took a leap into entrepreneurship in 2014.


What Do You Do At Efficient Media?

I do a bit of everything- reports, operations, management, accounting, sales, and office administration. My goal is to help businesses gain efficiencies from digital with creative solutions.


What Song or Lyric Best Describes Your Work Ethic?

“I get knocked down, But I get up again, You’re never going to keep me down”. – Chumbawumba


What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

I play tennis, watch rugby league, play fantasy sports, and listen to podcasts and music.


What Would The Title of Your Autobiography Be?

Never Back Down


What Is Your Favourite Quote?

‘You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take’- Wayne Gretzky.


Who is Your Celebrity or Favourite Person Crush?

Rafael Nadal