Revelation of Success | A Counter-Cultural Perspective

celebrating success

Revelation of Success | A Counter-Cultural Perspective

Last week, we celebrated our 2.5-year success journey into Efficient Media – a boutique digital agency founded by Timothy Paris and joined by me, and transformed over over the past couple of years into a place of passion and dedication to its clients and staff.

What started off as a two-person band, working off ONE desk in a co-shared working space is now a team servicing a range of business sizes – an A-team who calls this workplace an extension of their home.

“It has been a wild 2 years and we are celebrating a new website, new service offerings, new faces, new office and new everything. Come celebrate with us!”  ~Efficient Media Party Invitation

Thank you to all of you who has come alongside our journey, whether from the beginning or intersecting us recently. We value everyone’s support along the way. Some of you might have even questioned our dreams but we are blessed that ALL of you believed in us.

Today, we stand with proud success but not defined by numbers on a spreadsheet (sure that is important but we see it as a by-product of creating a space to nurture talented individuals with our core values defining success).

For us, success pivots off our ability to provide a space for our team members to thrive in their journey with us at Efficient Media so that those whom we service will feel our commitment and dedication.  Mustard seeds grow into big trees, I hear!

Some of you believe in karma. Others believe in doing no evil. For me, faith in a God who rewards through obedience, compassion and integrity is what has lifted me up during trying times.  Time and time again, this has proven to be my favourite flavour of success.

Every start up is bound to experience a near-death experience and times of bleak outlook. What carries each one through is not always a “wise choice” one made, but a faith in something or someone to carry on. Many a “wise-choice” has also resulted in failure and vice versa.

For us, faith in provision and abundance has carried us through peaks and troughs of the business numbers. There’s no guarantee when our time is up. Until then, we will continue building on this foundation of success with the hope of making positive impacts however small or big.

“It’s not what you deserve. It’s what you believe.” ~ Wonder Woman

Would love to hear your success story, definition of success or entrepreneur experience. Please do share!


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